Free eCommerce website templates in Canada – A few good examples

Are you interested in learning more about free eCommerce website templates in Canada? You’ve come to the right place because we are about to highlight a few of them that have proven to be quite useful. The templates we will share can be used in different industries – technology, apparel, gadgets, fashion, jewelry, and other popular products sold online. In this article, we will focus on templates provided by Colorlib, a popular website with free and premium templates.


As the name suggests, this is a neat, well-defined and minimalistic free eCommerce template. With a big white background and a chance to add large highlighted images, this template is perfect for those focused on clothes and accessories including glasses, shoes, bags, boots and other fashionable pieces of clothing.


Here’s another popular eCommerce website template used in Canada and all over the world. This is a responsive template which means that it will help you present your offer equally well on all platforms and devices. Once again, we are talking about a template with a minimalistic design and easy navigation. This is exactly what modern customers are looking for.


This is actually a template created for designing landing pages. So, pick a gadget that you want to promote and use Watch. Users often rely on Watch website template when they want to present an updated version of their product. Hundreds of users can’t be wrong and that’s why we suggest taking this template into account when looking for the best free eCommerce website templates in Canada.


Are you interested in opening a tech online store? Then Electro may be the template that you need. Building an online tech store is not an easy task, but only if you are doing it from scratch. Electro site template will help you avoid the complex steps and allow you to make experiments with the color and design of your website in an easy and quick way. Keep in mind that this template provides a responsive design.


Persuit is a nice option for eCommerce site owners focused on a wide array of industries. This is a multipurpose template that will give you a chance to create a good online store in a short period of time. You can add multiple products and separate them into different categories thanks to this website template.


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