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If you are interested in selling items over the Internet, then you have to pick a reliable eCommerce website builder. Of course, you can start learning how to code or hire a programmer and designer to do this, but using a site builder is a more affordable and faster option. The good thing is that there are free builders like this. We’ll use this article to talk about the best free eCommerce website builder in USA.

Due to the fact that there are many great website builders of this type, we will highlight three of them that have thousands of users. It’s up to you to pick the one that meets your specific business needs.


Ecwid represents a free eCommerce platform that gives you a chance to use a wide array of features. You can use Ecwid to create an online store on your existing website powered by Weebly, Wix, WordPress and few other platforms. You can also use Ecwid to build a completely free Facebook shop. With its help, you can integrate a few well-known shipping options like Shipping Easy, ShipStation and Ordoro. The biggest downside of using the free version offered by Ecwid is that you can add only 10 items in your online store. But, even you decide to use the paid version you will notice that the rates are more than fair.


With the help of Square, you will get a wide range of effective business management tool and sales tools. This is a free eCommerce website builder that has become quite popular in USA in the last few years. It’s also a payment processor that requires only monthly fees based on the number of sales. It is possible for users to manage all the sales, online, mobile or brick and mortar sales, from one place.


Finally, Spreesy is a relatively new eCommerce website builder, but it has shown that it can be quite useful for some online sellers. With the help of Spreesy, you can list your items only on social media networks like Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. In addition, you can build a free Spreesy Store too. Keep in mind that this online store that you can build has only one page and you won’t be able to organize the products you list. The products are organized at random.


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