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While it is possible to create an online store for free, you should know that in most cases, this store will miss some of the best features that can help you make a profit. Many people like to say that there is no free money and maybe they are right. When we say create online store free edition, we mean a free hosting solution or a free eCommerce solution.

First of all, in case the hosting is free, you can expect a hosting solution without much security. In addition, some of these solutions are quite slow too. These hosting providers usually use ads to cover their free offer. Finally, they have low space level. If you are able to find a free hosting option that is not burdened by these limitations you should go for it. But, in any case, you should check these things before opting for a solution like this.

Next, in case you are interested in using free eCommerce solutions, you should now that they are typically limited in terms of a number of products you can add to your store. They also have high transaction fees. Some of them have a very limited number of features which make operating an online store a difficult task. There are also many free eCommerce solutions that have bugs and the creator doesn’t care about that. Once again, if you think that you have found an eCommerce solution for free that overcomes these problems, feel free to try it. After all, you can only lose your time.

However, if you want to be sure that you will create an attractive, good, secure, fast-loading, feature-packed online store you should pay a certain amount of money. This is the only way to ensure that your website will rank higher in Google search and that you will eventually start selling goods.

Don’t forget that even if you somehow build a good website for free, you will still have to take care of the expenses after a while. You must pay for promotion, you will have to pay for shipping etc. if your business expands you will probably have to hire a few people to help you.

So, the best idea, in this case, is to look for an affordable solution to create an online store. You don’t have to look for a completely free solution because most of these solutions will bring more harm than good.


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